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Autobiography Edits

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The premiere of Wayne McGregor’s work Autobiography took place in October 2017, the first in a cycle of choreographic portraits illuminated by the sequencing of his own genome. It is an abstract meditation on aspects of self, life, writing, refracting both remembered pasts and speculative futures. The music for this work was created by electronic musician Jlin in collaboration with Unsound.

Autobiography Edits is a compact and stripped down version of Autobiography, custom made to fit to a music lineup rather than a conventional stand-alone theatre setting. This number of dancers from Company Wayne McGregor involved in the performance depends on the context – which can be either seated or standing.

Note that due to busy schedule of Company Wayne McGregor, Autobiography needs to be booked far in advance. Contact us for more information.

“… no two moves the same, choreographer, dancers and musician alike asserted themselves in different gesticulations. They vaulted off one another in kinetic displays, interacting as cells and environment as often as dance partners — a parkour of the life-world and a radical illustration of the implicit freedom of human expression.”

Exclaim! On Autobiography Edits

“Jlin’s frantic post-footwork beats sync to the rapid, sometimes slick, sometimes jarringly casual movement of the dancers so eerily that the cyborg art age feels imminent and the secret locations of future raves will be in the uncanniest of valleys.”

Now Toronto, on Autobiograhy Edits

“The dancing, set to a score by the electronic music producer Jlin, is mesmerisingly good. Jlin’s music is multilayered and demanding, and there’s a new expressive subtlety to McGregor’s choreography.”

The Guardian, on Autobiography Edits