Double Vision 2.0

Double Vision 2.0

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Double Vision 2.0 ithe extended and reconfigured version of the acclaimed A/V show Double Vision.

This work is a collaboration between Atom™ (Uwe Schmidt, Atom Heart, Señor Coconut) and the Australian artist Robin Fox, a powerful assault of sound and vision. Double Vision originally merged Fox’s synaesthetic laser-show with Schmidt’s deconstructed take on pop music, to create a unique audiovisual work that is both playful and insightful and could only have been made by these two distinct artists joining forces. For Double Vision 2.0, the piece as a whole has not only been improved and streamlined, new sections have also been added, exploring even further the impact of audio-visual synchronicity.

Double Vision 2.0 will premiere at MUTEK Mexico in November.

Double Vision was originally commissioned by Unsound and Adelaide Festival.

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