Single Origin

Single Origin

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Single Origin premiered at Unsound Krakow 2017, a new work by audio-visual artist Robin Fox, the third in a groundbreaking, influential series for laser and sound exploring the possibilities of mechanically induced synaesthesia. Beginning with Monochroma (2004) for a single green laser and developing into the stunning RGB Laser Show (2013), this work goes even further in exploring the geometry of sound.

The separated colour spectrum of the RGB show – where red, green and blue lasers were shot from separate projectors – has been drawn together in a single RGB projector, allowing for white laser light and all colour possibilities. Meanwhile, the sound ranges from highly abstract experimental sections to noise to something verging upon techno.

Essentially a concerto for a single laser beam, this new audio-visual maelstrom from Australia’s leading AV artist needs to be seen to be believed. And like some of the most fascinating projects, it could be placed in a gallery, concert hall or even on a club night.

Photo: Bruno Destombes

“The distortion of space and reality is awe-inspiring.”

New York Theatre Review

“Fox’s use of an audio controlled laser projector to demonstrate the geometry of sound was as elegant as anything you might experience in a concert hall or gallery.”

The Age

“You could either think about which parameters of the lights and sounds were linked, or simply let it all wash over you.”

Resident Advisor

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