Soft Power

Soft Power

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  • zespół pieśni i tańca "śląsk" im. stanisława hadyny

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zespół pieśni i tańca "śląsk" im. stanisława hadyny

London-based Felicita is as one of the most interesting young producers working with fractured sounds. Soft Power was commissioned by Unsound, in collaboration with traditional dancers from Song and Dance Ensemble “Śląsk” – the oldest and most renowned company of its kind in Poland. This unique work synthesizes traditional choreography and costume with new music to create a hypnotic multimedia experience. The concept stems from Felicita’s childhood education in traditional dance, and explores folk culture, national identity, tourism, branding, illusion, and farce.

Soft Power’s premiere at Unsound 2016 was met with widespread critical acclaim.

“Folk dances, involving lots of twirling around and dramatised romance, are paired with plangent piano melodies, scorched ambient noise and, most incongruously, wild synthetic pop. Despite (or rather because of) the aesthetic clashes, it hangs together in a supremely atmospheric whole. Devised in the wake of Brexit, it’s a stirring affirmation of how cultures can coexist while retaining their own voices.”

Ben-Beaumont Thomas, The Guardian

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