The Caretaker

The Caretaker

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  • weirdcore

Leyland Kirby is perhaps best known for his acclaimed project The Caretaker, exploring themes of time, memory and loss, producing such masterpieces as An Empty Bliss Beyond This World, where 1920s and 1930s ballroom music is manipulated and treated to create unique, slowly evolving works. The project began in 1996.

Through a series of six albums released over three years between 2016-2019, The Caretaker devoted himself to sonically interpreting the effects of Alzheimer’s disease. The result was the final epic project to be released under this name, Everywhere at the End of Time. Here the ballroom samples slowly turn joy and beauty into confusion and horror, amounting to an ambitious undertaking that is both intricate and deeply moving. Now this work has been transformed into a live show, where the music is interpreted by visual artist Weirdcore, drawing on The Caretaker’s iconic cover artwork, created by painter Ivan Seal.

Although he has performed only rarely over the past decade, James Kirby is now considering very select presentations of The Caretaker, with shows tailored specifically and uniquely based on their location. He is also open to performing under one of his various other aliases, from Leyland Kirby to The Stranger. (Who knows, one day V/VM might rear its head again, if the time is right….)

Leyland is also open to special commissioned works. Feel free to make contact, especially if you have a unique venue, context or idea.

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