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Trinity originally began life as a collaboration between Lustmord and Biosphere with Berlin video artist Marcel Weber (MFO). The current and frightening relevancy of its subject matter – nuclear weapons – has inspired Lustmord to return to the work and develop it as an album and solo show with MFO’s visuals, and will be available for selected events in 2017 and 2018.

Trinity explores, in sound and image, the first tests of nuclear weapons in the New Mexico desert. In order to create this work, the artists travelled to the White Sands Missile Range and Los Alamos to research and make field recordings at the start of 2012.

“…enveloping, murky, ultra-slow-motion music. ‘Trinity’ filled the room with tectonic rumbles and gradual whooshes, with tolling crashes followed by silences, with air-raid sirens, with claustrophobically thick cluster chords that were sometimes electronic and sometimes orchestral.”

Jon Pareles, The New York Times

“Drones resonated across the venue, interrupted by shards of noise and fragments of melody, this time to images of desert lanscapes where the US military have tested nuclear weapons. It was bleak. But beautiful.”

Caspar Llewellyn Smith, The Guardian

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